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A work of art is above all an adventure of mind!

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Authentic experiences short . descrpi- We offer authentic immersive experiences that include Home hosted dinners, Traditional village tours in Victoria Falls, Township tours in Soweto, Langa Cape Town and Victoria Falls. All these activities are booked upon request and you find them in most of our packages

The African experience...

AST specialise in adventurous and authentic tours to discover Southern and Eastern Africa’s pristine beauty and unrivalled wildlife in spectacular private conservancies. From breathtaking wilderness , fine homemade cuisines , whale watching, village tours , the best wines of Western cape, the majestic Victoria Falls to the East African chimpanzees and gorillas, our clients are always pleasantly satisfied by our services. The company offers an intimate one on one wildlife encounters in the conservancies and authentic interaction with local people as an incredibly humbling experience. The more remote and pristine the wilderness area, the more remarkable the safari experience and some overwhelming landscape. The experience is totally uncontrived , the superb views of Africa’s pristine wilderness where one can explore with a complete sense of isolation away from the masses,and crowds and the freedom to drive off road for up close wildlife viewing with exceptional guides. AST take you beyond standard African travel, sightseeing behind the commercial facade, to connect at a deeper level with the places and cultures that will imprint themselves in your memory. The experience is infinitely enriched by penetrating to the heart of your destination, detouring from the standard routes to meet tribes people in their authentic , unadulterated backgrounds , absorbing new insights and understanding of the local and cultural richness from the Maasai to the Himba tribes.
Our safari vehicles are well suited for long game drives and provide an excellent vantage point for all photography buffs.

Eco Adventures

For positive nature experience ,join us in  Southern Africa including Namibia and Botswana , this vast region has many natural wonders , large areas of unspoiled wilderness and some of the best reserves in the world. Excellent organised off the beat track experiences, discovering the treasures of Southern Africa and…

Green Tourism

Our aim is to ensure that development brings  a positive experience for local people . Visit our top ecotourism destinations for an incredible beauty, biodiversity and tourism that supports both earth and local communities. Encounter undisturbed natural areas , appreciate nature, promote conservation and provide beneficial involvement of local communities.…

Innovative Tours

Our experienced team offers specialised multi day, full day and half  adventurous day tours. Tours include sight seeing, spectacular game drives, wine tasting, village and township tours,  helicopter ,shark cage diving ,safaris as well as customised  golf and sports tours. You will never go wrong with us.  


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